Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Walk To Remember.

Okay, I apologize for the umm... "happy" title... and it really wasn't that great of a walk to remember anyway. Been sick all week and on top of that my car has been outta commish... so i've been taking the public transit home. Today, i decided to walk from the skytrain station instead of busing. Its a fairly short walk anyway... but i really enjoyed it.. even though i was coughing most of the way. Its been a while since I just took a slow walk through my neighborhood. I noticed so many things that i normally would have missed or not paid attention to. For instance, i saw a group of teens playing badminton in an alley. Remember this is east van we're talkin bout. they weren't the regular type of kids you would normally see play badminton. I peaked into people's yards.. and my gosh, i didn't think there were backyards like the ones that i saw today that still exist. Some had full on playgrounds, ponds, scattered toys, just huge grassy areas... and all not done in a fancy way, more like in a make-shift way. They brought me back to my childhood. Just walking along Kingsway too, noticed a bunch of restaurants which i pass by every freakin day, but have never really looked. got a good look into them and thought to myself why wouldn't i come here to eat? why not? ANyway, it was nice to slow things down a bit for once and take things in.

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