Friday, June 01, 2007

Me Me Me.

Gotta find a way to change things up. Gotta get back on track. Its been way too easy to just fall back into the same routine everyday of going to work playing some kind of sport on my spare time and spending my paycheck away on brewskis over the weekends. Gotta put more effort into it.. gotta prioritize.. gotta do things that I want to do. I've chosen a challenging career.. unstable at times. always gotta stay at it.. keep fresh with ideas, working that creative mind. I'm frustrated.. i really am. somethings gotta change. finding time isn't the only problem. feel stuck. can't seem to progress. I want to be that go getter. Need to practice the secret. Staying positive and being attractive ain't as easy as it sounds! I feel outta wack. Lost a sense of self. Can't make decisions for the life of me. Definitely in need of soul searchin. Not sole searchin.. cuz i have enough trainers to last me a good while... but gotta find that SOUL. WHo the f*ck am I and why am I still stuck in a quarter life crisis? Its gonna be about me. gonna be about ME.

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