Monday, June 25, 2007


Once again, I had a jammed packed weekend. All I can say is, its great to live it up, its dang fun and a ton of sh*t happens and theres a sense of fulfillment, but whheewww.. is it ever tiring. I feel like i need 2 days of sleep to get my energy back. Maybe I gotta work on my stamina.

Here are the highlights:

1. Right after work on Friday, the pre-game begins. I started drinking at 6:30pm. We then made our way down to DRU's 30th birthday party down at the Alibi Room. Dru's a popular guy, so it was a good sized crowd and it was a great mix. Made a point of it to try to talk to as many people as i could. it was tons of fun. its amazing how dance can really open people up... its a great ice breaker.

2. I can't remember what time i got home early Saturday morning, but i had to wake up at 10am. My niece is turning 1, and her parents decided to have a party at CEFA which is like a pre-shool/day care center type joint. Place was packed with kids and had a ton of cool rooms and a gym. I felt outta my element, i'm really not that great with kids... that and i was pretty much still drunken from the night before.

3. Later that day, headed to DTP (Driven To Perform) which is an import car show. A buddy of mine entered the contest and a couple of us were there to show some support. The show was pretty good actually.. there was tons to see. When all was said and done tho, my buds didn't win and was feelin kinda down. we cruised for a bit afterwards and eventually ended up at my brother's place for some after party eats and drinks. We had some good chatter there. Talked about joinin a gym and working out on a regular... definitely something to look forward to.

4. Sunday morning, wake up early AGAIN. this time for some Dim Sum. Bern's sister and fiancé are in town visiting from Ottawa. We decided to go to Greek Fest in the was my first time going to was pretty cool.. i liked smelling the bbq meats.. but i was stuffed so didn't get any. Gotta go next year and do it up big.

5. Sunday evening had a big family dinner to celebrate my niece's birthday. actually it was birthday party #3 for her.. and there's gonna be another one on thursday. Dinner was quite tasty. mostly seafood. we even had abalone.. which was another first for me. i dunno.. it was good but, it wasn't delicious. makes me wonder why its so expensive and considered to be a delicacy.
Next weekend: VEGAS.

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