Monday, June 18, 2007

Chair As Icon

I remember way back in foundation year while attending Emily Carr, I noticed other students had a project where they were to build a chair. I took the same course as they did, but happened to get a different instructor, and unfortunately my class did not get the pleasure to do the same project. At any rate, that must have been the first time I really started to appreciate chair design and industrial design in general.
3 of my favourite chairs happen to be the barcelona chair, the eames lounge, and Le Corbusier's LC2. Yes, all 3 are classic designs and when I think about them today, I think to myself, "aren't they EVERYONE's favourite chairs?" Kinda makes me wanna learn more about other designs, and find lesser known chairs that I can dream about having in my future home. I guess it's the sneakerhead in me... you know always gotta be different, or always tryin to one up the otha sneakerhead. Its childish, but I can't deny that its part of the game.

ANYWAY, here's a look at a cool project that Dirk Winkel manifested. Its my 3 favourite chairs in stackable plastic form!

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