Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Toyota FT-HS

Toyota Hybrid X Concept
Lexus LF-A

Dodge Demon


Audi R8

Why is it that production cars NEVER look as cool as the original concepts? I've always enjoyed looking at concept cars... its kinda like looking at the future isn't it? Its nice just to look at them for form. I always think the designers of these concepts must have such a great sense of abstraction. Any industrial designer for that matter. When they create something, its not like a graphic designer where often, its just a fusion of forms, subject matter, artwork, whatever content... kinda like a DJ makin a new beat by mixin 2 different ones that he/she found. With ID, its different. I mean they do have other cars/chairs/lamps/etc to reference, but the overall form.. thats gotta be completely intuitive. Its more like other art disciplines in this sense.. like dance, or abstract painting. This is the part of ID that i love. The end result is more about feeling rather then something comprehensible.

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