Friday, November 28, 2008

Non-Alcoholic Holidays

A little more than a month ago, Elaine and I  agreed that we were consistently drinking to an excess, so we made a pact to try to cut down on the alcohol. Our primary goals for this pact are for better health, saving money and of course safer streets. So here were the rules that we discussed:

1. Absolutely NO DRINKING and DRIVING: this rule should go without saying, but I have to admit, I've been careless in the past.. having a few at a nearby friend's place and thinking it would be okay to drive home. I'm going to be more responsible with this one from now on. I can't say I can commit to the zero tolerance rule, cuz sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine with my steak, but that's about where it has to stop. One drink with a meal I think is okay.

2. Don't buy drinks at a club or lounge: well... mostly because they're EXPENSIVE. So this rule requires some planning, if I'm heading downtown for some good times, I'm going to pre-drink first! Now, this rule has a clause though and it is based on special occasions like a birthday or a graduation or whatever. It's only right that you can buy yourself and your buddy a drink when there's a good reason to celebrate! I believe we agreed that on these occasions, three drink each person rule will be enforced.

3. Three drink limit: when at home or at a friend's place (basically when the alcohol is from the BC Liquor Store) we'll stick to a three drink maximum. Three beers, three glasses of wine, three shots, three martini's, etc. etc. .. these of course are ORs and not ANDs.

I think these rules might be updated along the way.. I'm sure we're going to run into scenarios where these rules won't apply and we'll wonder what to do. Anyway, I think it's a good start and these current rules do provide some sort of guideline.

For now, we're going to try to make it til the end of this year with these rules, but with the holiday season and its impending celebrations and parties, this task that we've set for ourselves is going to prove quite challenging... cuz well.. I think we both just love to PARTY!

Good luck to the both of us!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cannondale Stealth Concept Bike

Made out of carbon and designed by Erik Eagleman and Torgny Fjeldskaar

Monday, November 17, 2008

Black Belt Jones Intro


Aston Martin One-77

The best at invoking emotion into a product are automobile designers and the marketing that goes with it. What a beautiful sports car.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What If? The Matrix Ran On Windows


Have you watched Wall-E yet? It's gotta be one of my favourite Pixar flix. Here's a short that came with the DVD.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Reluctant Robot

Life is good right now. It really is. There's not much that I can complain about. Yet... I've realized that there's still something wrong with me that I haven't been able to fix. Not being able to find a remedy is frustrating cuz these days I feel like I can fix anything. Got a problem with health? Go see the doctor. Having relationship issues? Lets talk it out and then hug it out. Short on the funds? We can get the books straightened out. There's a solution for everything. Right? Well, the thing that I am struggling with seems to have no quick solutions.

What I'm talking about is a creative block that I've been stuck with since leaving Emily Carr in 2002. Something happened to me during this time. I mean I definitely failed in various projects in the later years at school and have felt shameful of some presentations. I understand this and I've gotten over it. The trauma of all that happening can only last so long. I also believe that one learns more by failing. So I get it... I'm not going to be bothered by past failures and I shouldn't be afraid of any new failures.. f*ck it just bring it on.... yet I'm still left with the problem of a blank canvas. 

I wouldn't say I've done absolutely NOTHING creative in the past 6 years... in reality I've done many different things.. some of which I'm proud to say that I did. Though it never came as easy as it used to.. and it doesn't feel like its completely me. I know what it is... I haven't found the creative vessel that I can pour all my guts into yet. I know I have the skills, but I'm on auto-pilot, a robot. A reluctant robot.

I've been given many interesting projects in my "career" as a graphic designer. A bunch that my brain had latched onto.. thinking how great would it be if I got this video game done, or this graphic tee, or how bout this restaurant branding. It all seemed so exciting and I felt that I had the skills to do all of it, but something wasn't clicking. When I was faced with the work, my heart said NO. And it was always a big enough NO that I actually feel heartbroken. I would complete some projects and wouldn't with others... hating the process every time. Just turn off all my feelings and hope that the auto-pilot could complete the job.

I just don't get it. My brain just won't function without my heart's permission.

Something happened. I don't know what.

A part of me died or was left behind...

but I must press on. I'm not good at doing anything else.

I draw to work. I work to live.

I think I need to lock myself in the “LAB” for a good long while. I need to be Dr. Frankenstien and find the god in me. Not to be sacrilegious or anything. What I mean is I have to force myself to learn how to be creative again. Or to be a creator. A producer. My career depends on it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Villain Chair

Designed by SUCK UK, The Villain Chair is made out of genuine leather, chrome, steel and aluminum. If you like to scheme up plans for world domination, this chair is for you. But not only will you have to be evil, you'll have to be rich as well.. the chair costs $7200.