Friday, November 28, 2008

Non-Alcoholic Holidays

A little more than a month ago, Elaine and I  agreed that we were consistently drinking to an excess, so we made a pact to try to cut down on the alcohol. Our primary goals for this pact are for better health, saving money and of course safer streets. So here were the rules that we discussed:

1. Absolutely NO DRINKING and DRIVING: this rule should go without saying, but I have to admit, I've been careless in the past.. having a few at a nearby friend's place and thinking it would be okay to drive home. I'm going to be more responsible with this one from now on. I can't say I can commit to the zero tolerance rule, cuz sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine with my steak, but that's about where it has to stop. One drink with a meal I think is okay.

2. Don't buy drinks at a club or lounge: well... mostly because they're EXPENSIVE. So this rule requires some planning, if I'm heading downtown for some good times, I'm going to pre-drink first! Now, this rule has a clause though and it is based on special occasions like a birthday or a graduation or whatever. It's only right that you can buy yourself and your buddy a drink when there's a good reason to celebrate! I believe we agreed that on these occasions, three drink each person rule will be enforced.

3. Three drink limit: when at home or at a friend's place (basically when the alcohol is from the BC Liquor Store) we'll stick to a three drink maximum. Three beers, three glasses of wine, three shots, three martini's, etc. etc. .. these of course are ORs and not ANDs.

I think these rules might be updated along the way.. I'm sure we're going to run into scenarios where these rules won't apply and we'll wonder what to do. Anyway, I think it's a good start and these current rules do provide some sort of guideline.

For now, we're going to try to make it til the end of this year with these rules, but with the holiday season and its impending celebrations and parties, this task that we've set for ourselves is going to prove quite challenging... cuz well.. I think we both just love to PARTY!

Good luck to the both of us!


Gary in HK said...

Ah, you so lucky I am not there. DRINKING BUDDY!! But to be honest, getting older really doesn't allow that much drinking in excess anymore. Quite sad.

Anyways, will update you guys more in an email. Thought of starting a blog, but figure one post ever 4 months doesn't really make a blog.

Rich said...

hahahaa!! you should totally start a blog man! it be nice to read about your adventures... even if they're 2 sentences long.

yah.. these rules would never work with YOU around!

Gary in HK said...

Know that getting older I can't handle as much as when I was a youngin.

But we'll see about that blog. I'm still drafting the email, so hopefully will send it out soon. See pics on Nels blog and miss hanging out. And see that Dru is Dru, the dancing Dru.