Monday, March 26, 2007

15 Minute Drawrings.

didn't finish this in the time allocated.. but think its a good start. its an idea of a series that i've been itchin to do for a couple of years now. How the series will materialize.. in paintings? digital prints? t-shirts? i really don't know yet.. all i do know is that i have a bunch of beautiful women in my mind that i would like to stylistically illustrate. 5 bucks to the person who can guess the "music artist" i'm attempting to render.

11. Air Jordan XIV

Designed after the Ferarri.. Money would drive to work in. Nice. I likey.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Please Nike pretty please?!

Why hasn't this happened yet? Why Nike, have you not retroed these?


Its about time Nike is attacking the Agassi line, but I do hope they come out the OG black and infra red Air Tech Challenges. These were the second generation flourescent coloured Tech Challenges that Agassi litterally rocked out. Props to him for changing the face of tennis.

Can you point out the inconsistencies when compared to the originals?

Why is tennis in the state it is?? Why isn't it exciting anymore? When it was MacEnroe, Agassi, Chang, Edberg, Lendl, Becker.. man.. I was glued.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10. Air Jordan XIV (Last Shots)

The count continues with the AJ XIVs. These were the pair Money wore while shaking Bryan Russell (giving him a slap on the a$$ while he was at it), finding himself some space in the lane, spotting up, taking his last shot in his final game as a Chicago Bull, following through, keeping his shooting hand up for good measure, draining it to give them the lead, winning their 6th NBA championship. An image burned in my brain forever.

No Biggie...

Did this tracing for a concept, but not gonna use it for the meantime. Guess it was good practice. Gotta use that Illustrator more often... dayam rusty. I'm pretty good at InDesign though!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can't keep runnin away.

Decided to use today's 15 minute exercise to do a quick sketch of a concept idea for an upcoming project. I think i like the idea.. and i'm gonna go ahead and follow through.

9. Air Jordan XIII (Flint Grey)

The Jordan XIIIs, definitely my favourite Jordans to play ball in (though i haven't had a chance to play in all of them.... yet). Flint Greys, one of the best colour and material combinations in my opinion.

Monday, March 19, 2007

a green day.

Aiight, its been a while since the last post. Time to get back into the routine. I have indeed been busy, hardly gettin any sleep, but its not completely due to work i have to admit. I tend to stress myself out more than i actually get any work done! i'm such a drama queen living in misery.. ggoosh what introspective artistic minded tendencies i have. its not ALL so gloomy tho, i do spend a ton of time playing volleyball and also get a steady dose of bball. ooh and i love participating in the activity of alcohol consumption. This past St.Patty's day weekend was no exception.

i gotta say my mind just hasn't been right. Creatively its just been a huge struggle. Gotta jump back on the horse tho.. do them 15 minute drawings agaain.. and also gotta pump out a couple more t-shirt designs for some upcoming events.