Monday, March 19, 2007

a green day.

Aiight, its been a while since the last post. Time to get back into the routine. I have indeed been busy, hardly gettin any sleep, but its not completely due to work i have to admit. I tend to stress myself out more than i actually get any work done! i'm such a drama queen living in misery.. ggoosh what introspective artistic minded tendencies i have. its not ALL so gloomy tho, i do spend a ton of time playing volleyball and also get a steady dose of bball. ooh and i love participating in the activity of alcohol consumption. This past St.Patty's day weekend was no exception.

i gotta say my mind just hasn't been right. Creatively its just been a huge struggle. Gotta jump back on the horse tho.. do them 15 minute drawings agaain.. and also gotta pump out a couple more t-shirt designs for some upcoming events.

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