Tuesday, February 27, 2007

8. Air Jordan XI (Space Jams)

Okay, so these were coined the Space Jams.. well.. cuz he wore them in the movie of course, but heck.. I remember them more for his comeback. He actually borke em out early. What he should have worn throughout the playoffs that year were the AJ Xs, but I guess while facing a young and dominant Orlando Magic team, I'm thinkin MJ wanted to gain ANY type of edge he could get. So along with switching his number back to 23 from 45, he decided to rock the (i'm assuming at the time prototypes) AJ XIs. Patent never looked so good. Nike hadn't even made a black version of the shoe yet, so while Mike was wearin his white shoes, the rest of the team was wearin black. He got fined from the NBA for breaking a uniformity rule. It was only after a couple more playoff games against the Magic that he finally switched to black. Another interesting thing about this shoe is that when it was released to be sold to the public, it never came out in this particular colourway. This definitely added to it's mystique... the shoe that appeared in only in a couple of playoff games and a movie! Years later they finally came out as retros.

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