Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finding the "it" factor.

The 22nd edition of the Air Jordan shoe is set to drop this weekend, February 17th. I've always been pretty excited when a new Air Jordan is about to be released. To me they have always set a certain standard when it comes to basketball footwear design. Jordans for the most part have have this "it" factor about them. Always ahead of their time with futuristic ideas, concepts, aesthetics and technologies. I think the most successful Jordans have been the ones that at first I'm completely weirded out by them, but later I just grow to love them. Its a strange thing. Anyway, pictures of the Jordan XXIIs are all over the web of course, and at first glance i'm really not that impressed. I mean i'm sure they're a great bball shoe and perform well and all that, but to me its missing what is characteristically Jordan. That "it" factor. It doesn't have it. I like Jordans that challenge the idea of a basketball shoe, the ones that change the form completely. The XXII in my opinion looks passe. It could even pass as a mid-range Reebok shoe (not to discredit Reebok designs, only their bball division.. oooh). Maybe they're trying to hard nowadays. I don't know. Well, here's 15 minutes of a Jordan concept.

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