Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kids and Money

I just watched this short film online.. and um.. it just reminds me that I still have a TON of growing up to do! I'm watchin it and think to myself how ridiculous I can get with my spending. Too bad they don't interview OLD kids like me.

From Hypebeast:

Filmmaker Laura Greenfield recently created a documentary on the relationship between kids and money in the Los Angeles area. You’ll find situations at opposite spectrum which really enables you to classify your own personal financial situation. Some kids in LA are caught up in this perpetuating cycle where if you aren’t rocking expensive stuff then you aren’t popular. Another interesting point one of the interviewee brings up is our generation’s obsession with instant gratification. The interviewee openly confesses that buying a new pair of shoes results in that instant happiness that saving for a car won’t bring. You can view this interesting short film at NY Times Shorts.

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