Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saucy Susur

Just watched an interesting episode of Restaurant Makeover, which is definitely one of my favourite shows. They decided to try a new designer and a new chef for this particular project and they happened to be: Susur and his wife as the designer. Dang, thought to myself this show is gonna be hype. Susur is such a rockstar chef. Dude is neurotic, a perfectionist, an artist. What I noticed during the show was that the couple seemed to be really into themselves. Which I guess is normal? Susur's attention to detail and the stories he put behind the ingredients of the food didn't disappoint.. but what was disappointing was that he did not create a single dish for the makeover! All he did was plate them differently.. which i guess is an art in itself.

I guess the reason why i felt like posting about Susur is because I want to be respected just like him. People often say i'm a like able guy.. and i definitely take it to heart and i love that people like me... but i often question myself.... is it enough to be just liked? i want to be RESPECTED. In a way where my opinions count, that even just the little things that i may do for a job are noticed and appreciated. Susur speaks with passion and he clearly loves what he much so that just by re-plating a dish and talking about it gets him high praise and i'm sure highly paid! dang man, thats a chill a$$ job! I want that!

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