Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marcus Buckingham

Okay okay, yes i watch Oprah occasionally... and I don't think there's anythin wrong with that! and now that I don't gotta go to work, I have more time to! anyway, in one of her recent shows, she recommended a book by Marcus Buckingham called: Go Put Your Strengths To Work. The testimonies were intriguing so I thought Elaine and I should read it sometime. Well, Elaine ended up researching a lil more into it and came upon this workshop that we're currently watching. I gotta say, its pretty damn good. It's helping me already in taking a deep look at what my true strengths are and in turn giving me a new hope and possibly a new direction in career.
If you hate your job and have just a bit of time to think about it, I recommend watching this workshop.

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