Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Green and Blue

Spent most of the afternoon looking up career choice type surveys or tests... most of which end up telling me that i need to pay a fee for the USEFUL info. I think I'm realizing that i know myself a bit better than i originally thought. mot of the personality tests pretty much tell me things i already know. Anyway, the best one i found today was from this Princeton Review website. The entire site has some pretty good info.

Here are my results of their test:

My interest color is GREEN:
People with green Interests like job responsibilities and occupations that involve persuasion, sales, promotions, and group or personal contact. People with green Interests enjoy activities that include: motivating, mediating, selling, influencing, consensus building, persuading, delegating authority, entertaining, and lobbying. These Interests often lead to work in marketing, advertising, training, therapy, consulting, teaching, law, and public relations.

My usual style is BLUE:
People with blue styles prefer to perform their job responsibilities in a manner that is supportive and helpful to others with a minimum of confrontation. They prefer to work where they have time to think things through before acting. People with blue style tend to be insightful, reflective, selectively sociable, creative, thoughtful, emotional, imaginative, and sensitive. Usually they thrive in a cutting edge, informally paced, future-oriented environment. You will want to choose a work environment or career path in which your style is welcomed and produces results.

The GREEN interests are a bit surprising to me.. i don't see myself in any of those positions. But the BLUE style is pretty much bang on.

The test then offers some career suggestions. These are the ones that it chose for me:

Advertising Executive Agent
Art Dealer
Bank Officer
Bar/Club Manager
Benefits Administrator
Auto Salesperson
Clothing/Jewelry/Cosmetics Generalist
Diplomat/Foreign Service Officer/Specialist

Fundraiser/Institutional Solicitor
Hotel Manager
Insurance Agent/Broker
Investment Banker
Labor Relations Specialist

Marketing Executive
Music Executive
Performing Arts Administrator
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Political Aide
Property Manager
Publicist Real Estate Agent/Broker
Retail Salesperson
Service Sales Representative

Telecommunications Specialist
Television Reporter
Wedding Consultant
Small Business Owner
Venture Capitalist/ Investor

I dunno.. seems a bit random. clicking on each of these careers gives you a bit of an overview which is kinda interesting.. but i can't say theres one that really intrigues me.

The search continues...

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