Thursday, January 18, 2007

Next Level

This is truly inspiring apparel design. When I was in 4th year, i thought if i were in ID (industrial design) instead of CD (communication design) i would design a fused backpack/messenger bag. I wanted it to have super functional features. A backpack because it offers better support for the shoulders and back and then with function that it could convert to a messenger bag that you could swing to the front of you so that it would be accessible. You could just grab yer ish without actually having to take off the bag like you would using just a regular backpack. I also thought i would try to incorporate this bag to be functional with a jacket or windbreaker... but i could never really completely invision it. This little video of this jacket/bag is so great. It totally inspires me. I've told myself that if i ever go back to school it would be for ID or fashion design. I've always had dreams to design footwear and/or athletic apparel and accessories including backpacks, bags and other packs.. like the ones headporter makes. We'll see... maybe one day this could be an endeavour that will actually come into fruition. First things first though, gotta master this illustration and graphic design stuff!

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