Friday, January 19, 2007

Dream Reality

The dream I had this morning was like I was watching a movie. The movie that was playing was a documentary about marketing. I know, I know.. whata NERD. But hey, to me this documentary was super interesting and it felt so specific. Everything worked and was attention grabbing right down to the commentary and even the soundtrack. The music is still playing in my head. The segment that I happened to catch was this bit that they were doing on Nike. They even had a spokesperson from Nike talk for a while about some of the aggressive marketing tactics they've used in the past and also about some of the things that they do now. He also spoke a bit about mash culture and some of the things they've gotten particular artists to do. Dang, I wish I was taking notes!! Cuz apparently I can't seem to remember the specific and important stuff!! Anyway, while the spokesperson was talking, the visuals were of New York streets that were littered of advertisements. Print and motion. The camera work and editing followed the comments and there was a part where he was comparing a Nike ad that was put up just 2 weeks ago to this ad by Lugz just down the block that was just put up that very day. The point that was made was that the ads might have had completely different products or content, but the art direction was the same.

Its strange, I always find that in my dreams, the dialogue and the overall understanding of specific subjects is SO MUCH better than what I seem to know in real life. There are words being used in my dreams that you would never hear me say in real life. I don't get it. I think some people may write better than they can speak, whereas some speak better than they write. I just happen to dream better than I do both.

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