Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rule #8: Pay attention to the numbers.

As Dru has reminded me, I have a horrible sense of time. Its a definite must that I improve on this if I plan on being successful at anything. Along with time, I also have trouble dealing with anything having to do with factual numbers. Hard numbers scare me! I've developed a fear of hard truths. I think I like the idea that everything can be bent and molded into something that appears pleasing to me. Ummm.. yah.. time to face the facts. So as Dru has recommended.. look at the numbers as often as you can. Check your bank account.. know exactly whats going on.. look at your watch.. how much time do you really have?

The rules are piling on...

One step at a time.. lets tackle em.


ggnorethx said...

Rules for who? Different rules apply to different people. Here's an article that may help to figure out which hat you're putting on, and which zone you need to stay in (in turn, dictates certain behaviours):

Rich said...

thanks for the link! will give it a read.