Friday, October 03, 2008


There was free coffee and donuts this morning at the office. Had my first coffee in a long a$$ time... and holy moly I've been mega wired. It's still runnin through my body actually, but I just had a big lunch... it wont be long before the itis kicks in. I gotta say though.. after drinking the coffee.. I've been speedin through my work like it was a race.... which is a big deal for a guy who has the attention span of a goldfish. Is coffee the cure? F*ck Ritalin.. give me expresso.

Update: its now an hour since lunch and dang.. I'm STILL buzzin. Not bad not bad..  cure for my A.D.D. aand my ITIS. I gotta say though.. dont really enjoy going to the washroom so often.. and it makes my pee daang stanky. My breaff kinda stinks too.

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Elaine said...

eewwwww to the stinky pee and breaff