Friday, May 02, 2008

I don't wanna grow up... I'm a ________ kid!

Okay, i've gotta fill in the blank. and in order to do that, i'm gonna have to think like a kid again. I'm just gonna go way basic and ask myself again, what are my TRUE passions. gotta think back to when i was 6 years old, when i was 12 and when i was 19. i think i got lost in the 20s... and my interests kinda veered all over the place. Really got unfocused. So what do i like? i'm gonna make a list with no order in mind:

1. Sneakers: when i was in grade 4, i fell in love with Nike AIR, asics Gel, Brooks HYDRO FLO! but i couldn't afford any of them.

2. Sports: bball, vball, hockey, badminton, dodgeball, snowboarding, golf, f*ck i'll play any sport.

3. Drawing: been drawing since i can remember. Ninja Turtles and Transformers were some of my favs growing up.

4. Painting: i always wished i could paint as well as Bob Ross

5. Robots: Gundam, Transformers, Robotech, Voltron.. frick we saw all the greats... those shows would make my imagination run wild.

6. Music: i remember when i was 6 and not knowing why i couldn't help but MOVE whenever Michael Jackson was on. I am a slave to music.

7. Dancing: same as above. Michael, Bobby, Crazy Legs, Legs Almighty, Ken Swift.. just some of my biggest influences.

8. RC Cars: always had a fascination with radio controlled anything. it was magic to me when i was a kid. and then when how cool was it to open up a model kit, build it myself and have that thing move, fully controllable.

Here's my chance. My chance to be a kid again. To just PLAY and have fun. Just DO it!

and something good is BOUND to happen.. if i persist.

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