Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beautiful Things

Been paying more attention to design objects lately. I mean, i always have, but lately been questioning more, observing. I think my passions have been telling me that i should either give industrial design or motion design a REAL try. I need to do some more exploring and investigation.

This BCXSY aquarium caught my eye. My parents used to own an aquarium and i used to work there taking care of all the fish. Definitely a fond childhood memory. Customized aquariums are the sh*t!  This one in particular uses the concept of modern-day insane asylums, which are designed with connected lap-like hallways instead of dead end hallways. This allows the lil fishies to swim continuously and umm... make them think that they're actually going somewhere? we all know that fish have only 2 second memories anyway right? ah wells, its the thought and care for the fish that counts.

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