Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pen and Paper

Have been drawing a bit more lately. I'm on a quest to develop my skills as rapidly as possible. Going to try to use this blog as a tool for design practicum again. Possibly revive the 15 minute sketches? Or maybe change it up to 5 minute exercises with a timer. We'll see.

Here's a duck that I was going to use for screen printing purposes, but after some thought, a) I think I'm gonna go a different direction and b) I don't think it'll work with a home set up. Ah wells. On to the next drawing.


Dave said...

Dude that looks great! I'd kill to be able to draw one tenth as well and as rapidly. I'd be able to explain crap to my customers with no trouble at all on a whiteboard or napkins.

Rich said...

dood.. what the heck you talkin bout?!! you draw way better than i can! but thanks for the complement. and i totally agree about the whiteboard/napkin skills.. it helps a bunch to be able to do that.