Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trek District

I've been helping Elaine select a bicycle for the past couple of weeks. She only just learned how to ride a bike so it's very exciting and I want her first bike to be a special one. I have to say I've gotten a bit obsessed about bikes since the start of this shopping experience. Researching online, visiting as many bike shops as we can, test riding all the different bikes... it has all been quite pleasurable... the side-effect... it makes me want one too!!! and in a bad way. Well, there's no way I can afford a new bike right now, but I can always dream (don't worry D, I'm going to buy your bike to tie me over).

This Trek District has caught my eye. I eventually want to end up with a clean and simple city/urban bike... with looks as good as a fixie, but without the compromise of NO BRAKES. I just can't get over how unpractical it is to ride in hilly Vancouver without brakes. The Trek District is a one speed with a belt drive, which I also find to be a great feature. It makes it a quieter ride and it's greaseless. The brake cables are hidden, the wheels are powder coated orange which goes great with the vintage grey frame. MSRP is about $900 USD and it is due to release in November 08. I gotta try this bike out.

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vince.chan said...

Dang that's a nice bike. I like those deep V rims