Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catch Up

June has been busy... well.. relatively speaking anyway. I've got tons of personal projects, contract work and favours lined up.. gotta get organized like a REAL business. I don't wanna be a business man... i wanna be a BUSINESS mannn!! Anyway.. here are some things that happened or caught my interest this June:
It finally arrived..  the GLOW IN THE DARK tour.

What a joy it was... however, I did have a few complaints. I did consider myself lucky to get floor seats, BUT daaang there are some obnoxious people down there! Also, the SOUND... way too much distortion. I know for a fact that the sound could be better at GM Place. All in all, show was tight.. the stage of course was beautiful to look at.. Lupe ripped it... Kanye man, when you came into town for Late Registration.. you're delivery was impeccable.. i think that show was just a bit better than this one.. sorry!

Next up was DRIVEN TO PERFORM... an import car show at BC Place. I was definitely there to support my friend Derrick (who won second place for the BEST HONDA category) but gotta say.. the huge draw was Kabba Modern! Sorry D!

Kabba put on a good show. They had really great stage presence. Wish i could dance like that. Yuri is seen here eating a delicious Bale Vietnamese sandmich.

Got a chance to peep Planet B-Boy. So glad it came to town... truly inspiring documentary. The commitment of these dancers is so impressive and moving. They've got such confidence, character and gumption.

From these events, along with the passing of Luc Bourdon and Yves Saint Laurent... things really hit home with me. These events have jump started my senses. Kanye just doesn't give a f*ck.. he is of course the true epitome of believing in oneself and making dreams become reality.. Derrick's been puttin his all into his passion ever since i've known him... Kaba and those Bboys have such conviction.... Luc and Yves died doing what they love.

Its been a constant theme in my life... "get busy livin, or get busy dying" (shawshank). 

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